exterior view Vaalsbroek Castle
11.-15. October 2015 KármánConference
From molecular materials to complex adaptive molecular systems
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We have organized two subsequent discussion meetings approaching scientific challenges in the advancement of molecular materials research: The focus is on the transition from understanding and predicting properties towards the rational design of material systems that qualify for being complex and adaptive.


Self-assembled and self-organized materials
Molecularly programmed self-assembly
Dynamic self-assembly and self-organization
Advanced concepts in self-assembly and dissipative self-organization

Nature-inspired and bio-mimetic materials
Learning from nature I: Micro machines
Learning from nature II: Complexity and function
Artificial live
Artificial motors, walkers, swimmers, self-propelling objects

Interfacing materials with biology
Bio-interactive and biohybrid systems
Interface-controlled materials

Programming of material properties
Adaptive properties and switchable molecular systems
Multistablity and hysteresis
Photoactivity and other energy harvesting

exterior view Vaalsbroek Castle

The location

Vaalsbroek Castle, The Netherlands

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Organization and Scientific Committee

  • DWI
  • Max-Planck Institut
  • RWTH Aachen
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